This is Our Pledge to You

Mid-Ohio Valley Cremation Society will…

  • Continually offer respectful, dignified cremation service with a focus on affordability and simplicity;
  • Offer additional services and products that will allow each family to meet their own needs;
  • Treat each family with respect and dignity through trained, experienced staff;
  • Perform every cremation ourselves; making sure the deceased is in our care until the remains are returned to you;
  • Ensure airtight security through our Peace-of-Mind Identification Tracking System

Most funeral homes subcontract the actual cremations to a third party, which are not under their control. We own and operate our own on-site crematory, ensuring you that your loved one is always in our care. The cremation process is regulated with strictly controlled procedures ensuring the deceased is properly attended to by one of our staff at all times.  We are so confident in our staff and facility that we are always available for your inspection.



Our Peace-of-Mind Identification Tracking System

Mid-Ohio Valley Cremation Society has developed this eight-step identification process to ensure every family that fail-safe care is being taken with their loved one, from the time the body is transferred to us, until the cremated remains are returned.

  1. The deceased receives an identification badge upon arrival at our facility and a photograph is taken.
  2. A family member or designee will view the photograph to ensure with 100% certainty that we have the correct identity.
  3. We then place the person in the cremation container, label the container with the identification, and double-check that the badge matches the label.
  4. Prior to cremation, all forms and requests are reviewed by the funeral director;
  5. A metal disc with a unique number will remain with the person throughout the cremation process. The number on that disc will have been recorded in a ledger book that is stored in a locked safe, along with the person’s name.
  6. Once again, the crematory operator confirms the identity by matching the number on the metal disc with the numbers on the container and the paperwork.
  7. Every cremation is done individually. Our crematory is not capable of doing multiple cremations simultaneously.
  8. After cremation, the metal disc and a card showing the person’s name are inserted into the urn, along with the cremated remains. 


Our Crematory

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